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Aerating and overseeding services in Omaha Aerating and overseeding services in Omaha

Aerating and Overseeding

Enhancing Your Lawn with Ultimate Grounds Management: Aeration and Over-seeding


Lawn aeration should be on your yearly lawn maintenance schedule. Late spring to early summer is a good time to aerate, usually around the time your grass is making a comeback from the winter months. When the growing season starts to slow down around late summer to early fall, a second aeration will benefit your lawn’s overall health during the winter months. 

There are two elements that will increase the life of your lawn, and they just so happen to be ones humans need too. Water and oxygen are the key ingredients to everything that is living on earth. Any deprivation of these elements will be evident when your lawn shows signs of stress.


If your lawn is looking a little sparse or patchy, our lawn seeding / overseeding service may be just what you need to bring the lawn back to life. Most lawns require additional seed applications every year or so, and a quick seed treatment is usually all that's needed to get your lawn back to normal.

For lawns where your overall grass coverage is thinner than ideal, we would conduct an overseeding treatment. Overseeding involves an even distribution of new grass seed over your existing lawn. This will result in a thicker, healthier grass that will be more durable to withstand the changing climates in Nebraska.